Helen Madden

Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember and I have a deep love of learning, teaching,  composing and playing it. My first experiences were tinkling the ivories of my Grandma’s piano when I was tall enough to reach the keys and I began music lessons at seven.

I picked up a saxophone when I was sixteen and soon developed a passion for jazz and blues. (leading to a degree in Jazz popular and contemporary music from Leeds College of Music). Around the same time I also began teaching classical piano, which was mostly through necessity to pay my way through college, but it soon became clear how much I enjoyed teaching music. To help others learn how to play, understand theory and share a unique moment of connection was something that I loved then and still love today.

I hold a Masters (Distinction) and Degree in Music and I’m currently studying for a Phd in Composing at York University. I have taught privately for over 25 years, been Director of Music at a successful music school and lectured at universities, colleges and schools. I am well versed in many musical styles including classical, jazz, blues, pop and theatre, and have substantial knowledge of many other aspects of music including theory, improvisation, composition and performance management skills.  I recently became composition tutor for Yorkshire Young Musicans.

I have published several books and worked with London College of Music as an examiner for many years. I also compose and have had several pieces performed publicly, so I bring a wealth of experience and guidance to help and support every learner; from novice and early years to advanced and post-graduate level learners.

Teaching and learning music really is my lifelong passion!